Management System Related Consultancy Services in relation to:

  • Design & Development of a brand new management system
  • Enhancement of a currently available management system
  • Maintenance of a currently available management system
  • Process sequence & requirements of GDPMD
  • Customized topics which is related to management system


Consultancy Enquiry Process Flow

  • Understand the needs of the consultancy and the coverage (partial consultancy or full consultancy programme)
  • Prepare the proposal with the programme details & pricing
  • Explain the consultancy programme detail to customer
  • Customer acknowledgement the proposal or send the Purchase Order to Inspiring

Consultancy Methodology

  • Consultant to develop/revise the documentation
  • Consultant to discuss with relevant process owner on the documentation details to ensure they understand the requirements
  • Customer to implement the management system 
  • Consultant to review the implementation records and difficulties facing during the implementation. Depending on the results of review and feedback from customer, consultant might revise the documentation (to make it easier for the organization to implement it) or advice customer on how to implement the process correctly. 

Various Consultancy Package Available, such as:

  • Training + Consultancy Package
  • Training + Assessment Package
  • Consultancy + Assessment Package
  • Consultancy only
  • Internal Audit Support only

Consultancy Service Categories: